Wait for It

By Linda Tancs

“Wait for it” is an expression used to show that you are about to say something surprising, funny or difficult to believe. God uses it in a different way, exhorting his prophet Habakkuk to wait for the answers that the prophet seeks. God reminds Habakkuk that the answer will come at the appointed time. God is never late (Habakkuk 2:3).

What are you waiting on? A new home? A different career? Improved family life? Can you learn to wait, like Habakkuk? Will you recognize the answer when it comes? We often forget that, sometimes, the answer to prayer is “no.” Ask God to help you not only recognize when the appointed time has come but also to accept the response.


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When it Rains, it Pours

By Linda Tancs

You know what it’s like when you’re having “one of those days,” when everything that could possibly go wrong does exactly that. The prophet Habakkuk could relate. He lamented over fig trees that did not blossom, vines that bore no fruit, failing olive trees, fruitless fields, flock cut off from the fold and no cattle in the stalls (Habakkuk 3:17). I guess you could say he was having a bad day.

Do you often get overwhelmed when circumstances seem out of control? Habakkuk did, too, but God reminded him to trust Him in the midst of oppression and destruction. He instructed him, in essence, to create a vision board and stand by it (Habakkuk 2:3). After all, what’s the use in focusing on what is going wrong when you can visualize a better outcome? It’s easy to quit in hard times, the storms of life. Habakkuk resolved to trust God to make his feet like hinds’ feet—in other words, swift and nimble. How swiftly and nimbly do you act when life throws you a curveball?