Opt Out

By Linda Tancs

How many emails do you receive in any given day? I’ll bet the number is in the hundreds. Thankfully, we’re constantly invited to “opt out.” After all, we don’t need to be in the center of everything. Jesus tells us the same thing, as related in chapter 14 of Luke’s gospel (Luke 14:1, 7-14). In that chapter, Jesus tells a parable at a Pharisee’s dinner party about invitees who jockey for position at the place of honor at the table. His advice is to opt out, take the lowest place at the table; don’t think yourself too special. Similarly, he continues with a parable about only inviting those to a party who have the capacity to return the favor. His advice? You guessed it—opt out. Don’t give in to the adage, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Open your door to those who have no capacity to help you in return. Be a giver. When was the last time you opted out?


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