By Linda Tancs

Do you speak doubt, or defeat, over your goals and dreams? If so, then you’re at risk of speaking death over your future plans by giving the devil an opening to undermine your desires (John 10:10). In the Old Testament, Zechariah was incredulous when an angel arrived to tell him that his aged wife would bear a son. His doubt and unbelief caused God to shut his mouth until his son, John the Baptist, was born (Luke 1:8-23). He didn’t shut up so he was shut down. Jesus knew better. Before His death, He warned his disciples that He would soon stop speaking so that the enemy would have no room to work in Him (John 14:30). You need to know when to shut up.


As part of FOOT FORWARD MINISTRIES (a teaching and speaking ministry), Go Forward in Faith represents faith-based meditations for personal and professional growth. Follow us on Twitter @moveonfaith.

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